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Welcome! As mothers and fathers, we all want to do what is right for our little ones.

The many, many vaccines that infants and children are expected to receive today (69 doses by age 18 years) are aimed at controlling infectious diseases at the population level, with little regard for individual. There are unintended consequences of giving so many vaccines (injections), and giving aluminum containing vaccines to infants during major periods of brain development. This one-size-fits-all schedule can’t possibly be safe for everyone–no medication is!

There are so many nuances to this conversation:

There are other ways to protect our children, and vaccines aren’t the only option.

All medications have risks, and vaccinations which are injections, are no exception. Vaccinations are classified as biologics, because they contain animal and human blood, tissue (including aborted fetal cells), as well as aluminum. They also contain allergens and food proteins. They contain many ingredients that can and do cause adverse reactions not just hours or days later, but sometimes months later.

It’s your body. You should have all the information.


Vaccine Studies

A collection of critical vaccine studies.

Vaccine Inserts

The manufacturer inserts contain important vaccine information including contraindications, warnings and precautions, and adverse reactions collected after the vaccines were licensed.

Vaccine Ingredients

A common myth is that vaccines contain no toxins, no dangerous chemicals, and is just a mixture of saline and antigens. But vaccines contain many ingredients, including animal and human blood and blood components, tissues, proteins and DNA, as well as formaldehyde, aluminum salts, antibiotics, preservatives, and surfactants like Polysorbate 80 which crosses the blood brain barrier.

Vaccine Injury Stories

A person’s testimony is important and meaningful. This is raw feedback. It’s their truth, and these courageous parents share their story to prevent another vaccine injury.

We Are Science Experiments

Over the years there are so many instances where science and medicine got it horribly wrong.

Circle of Mamas Store

Be an advocate! Vaccine information and advocacy cards, magnets, brochures.

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“Most medical school curriculums, even nursing curriculums, you’re lucky if you even have a half day on vaccines.”

– Professor Heidi Larson, PhD.

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