Vaccine Injury Stories

Vida’s Vaccine Injury Story

Shared from her mother, Abigael Portillo.

“I took my precious Vida to her 4 months well check and she received Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), Polio (IPV), Pneumococcal (PCV13), Rotavirus (RV), Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (DTaP). That is 7 shots .

Never did I question what they are for. Are they all necessary at such a young age (only 17lbs) or even all at once? What are the side effects? What should I Look for if she has a reaction? Instead I just held my baby down while all kinds of chemicals, aluminum, mercury, Monkey cells (Yes monkey cells) the list goes on…were injected in my baby girls body.

Now I am left thinking how I Wish I Knew Better. Would a Dr. prescribe you 7 medications at once to take with out a chance of having a reaction nor Not give you a paper of instructions and side effects of each medication. Why are these rules not applied here for each injection they give your child👶??

The Dr stated she was in great health and in 90% percentile. I asked the Dr for Motrin to give my baby before I left that it helps with her pain and any fever that she might get. Not even 3 hours later the screams and crying started and no matter what i did would sooth her. I was almost in tears because she was a good baby.

Two days later she had her 1st poopy diaper since her shots. She was with the sitter and notice her stool was black. She thought this is odd but surely i must know about it already but I didn’t. I found her pretty serious after that more then normal but didn’t think much about her fussiness after the days went by because when I asked my dr about it she told me it could be colic. Of course I Googled and thought ok that makes since.

Four days after her shot she had a black poopy Pamper again. The color didn’t alarm me (because when she was born it was black and gooey too and the nurse told me that was normal and had been already give her 1st 2 sets of vaccines) but the Smell did! Why does it smell like mothballs. ( If you never smelled one it is a strong awful chemical smell) I googled and of course different pages say different thing. One site had several parents complaining about the smell so I thought to myself in relief “Ok this is normal it happens to other people/ children” I never it would be the last diaper I change.

She went to bed Friday night 7 days after vaccinations after an early morning feeding 4am and that would be the last time my daughter would be alive. Two hours later I found my Babygirl lifeless. Screaming and yelling Jesse comes running out the shower with a scared face yelling “what happened” I will always remember that look on his face😭 as I paced back forth with my dead baby.

He took her from my arms and started CPR until the ambulance got here. They took her to the ambulance and we were rushed to Methodist hospital. The Doctors rushed her to the ER were the began to try to bring her back. I knew she was dead and I dropped to my knees and begged God Please don’t do this to Me. Please Don’t take her from us. Please Please bring her back because you can do anything. I started to pray. I begged the Dr please don’t give up. please! This was the worse day of my life and I am sharing it with you so that you will never have to feel this pain 💔.

The Rotavirus vaccine has a side effect called intussusception. One of the side effects symptoms is black jelly stool. If only I knew better I would have taken my babygirl to the hospital the 1st time her stool changed and she would still be alive today.

DEATH CERTIFICATE states cause of death is from Natural Causes. According to the CDC it only happens in 1 of 100, 000 babies. BS!! I am sure that is just the # that gets reported. (no real studies have been done)

We are getting ready to battle for justice for Vida. The Vaccine lawyer said I hope you are not doing this for money because the max payout is $250,000. This is all my baby was worth and no one can be sued but the government. Now how convenient you have to sue the government for Vaccine Injuries or death not the trillions dollar pharmaceutical companies who make them. Please pray for our family and journey we are about to endure.
#JusticeforVida 👶
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