Ask Yourself: Is It Safe to Inject Aluminum?

Before blindly following your doctor’s orders, ask yourself some basic questions:

• Is injecting aluminum compounds safe?
• Is it safe to inject aluminum combined with other toxic chemicals into the human body?

• Has it been well tested and proven safe?
• How much aluminum will accumulate in your body if you follow the entire CDC schedule?
• Do you know how much aluminum your child can handle?
• What happens once the aluminum is injected into the body?
• Where does it go?
• How do you get the aluminum out once injected?
• What kind of symptoms or illnesses can come from having too much aluminum in your body?
• Can you stop the inflammation or autoimmunity in the body once it has started?
• Are you up to date on the most recent aluminum research?

Some vaccines contain aluminum compounds. For example:

1. Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3), usually 500 mcg per dose.
2. Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate (HAlO5P), usually 250 mcg per dose
3. Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate-AAHS (AlHO9PS-3), usually 225 mcg per dose

FDA has set the “safe” limit of aluminum for [intravenous] parenteral nutrition to be 4-5 mcg/kg aluminum per day for premature infants.

Because more than this causes toxicity.

For example, typical aluminum concentrations in human breast milk range from 0.0092 to 0.049 mg/L.

Aluminum in soy-based infant formula (0.46–0.93 mg/L) and milk-based infant formula (0.058–0.15 mg/L). 

Many vaccines contain aluminum compounds, < 850 mcg/dose. Infants receive multiple vaccines at one visit, however. So at one visit may receive over 1225 mcg of aluminum at one doctor visit. 

Absorption for Injected vs. Ingested Aluminum:

  • 0.01–5% of ingested aluminum is absorbed (taken into the body).
  • 100% of injected aluminum is absorbed (it’s put directly into the body).
To those who think it’s all excreted: Why was there NO significant change in levels of urinary or serum aluminum after vaccination in these pre-term infants? That means NO EXCRETION.

How much aluminum adjuvant are you getting in vaccines?

At Birth 250 mcg
2 Months 1225 mcg
4 Months 975 mcg
6 Months 1000 mcg
12 Months 600 mcg
15 Months 625 mcg
18 Months 250 mcg

Grand Total of 4,925 mcg of aluminum compound by 18 months of age.

Those amounts were taken from vaccine manufacturer’s product inserts and the CDC’s 2016 childhood vaccine schedule, per Neil Miller.

Is injecting aluminum salts safe? It was never determined safe by the FDA or CDC. Then, why are they allowed in vaccines? In 1926, Alexander Glenny started adding aluminum salts as an adjuvant, without any safety tests. Then, it was used for many years. In 1975, the FDA granted “GRAS” status to eleven different aluminum compounds, including aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate. “GRAS” = “Generally Recognized as Safe”. It was grandfathered in. It is not because it was extensively tested by the FDA and was then determined safe. The CDC points to the FDA and says that vaccines are licensed by the FDA, and the vaccines meet FDA standards. The CDC has not tested the aluminum adjuvant, yet they recommend it.

“There is no known safe limit of injection of aluminum adjuvants. It has never been scientifically or experimentally determined. When it comes to vaccines, the amount used is based on efficacy, NOT safety. Based on the only limit that exists – not for an intramuscular injection of a vaccine, but an FDA regulation on parenteral IVs given to premature infants which is set at 4-5mcg/kg aluminum per day – children are receiving far more aluminum in one “well-child visit” than is considered safe to prevent central nervous system toxicity.”

-from Ashley Everly, a toxicologist.

“Since the 1920s, aluminum salts have been used primarily as the adjuvant in most childhood vaccines to optimize the body’s immune response to the injected disease. Aluminum is now known to be neurotoxic and the root cause of many serious illnesses including MS and Alzheimer. The aluminum adjuvant was only tested for 28 days, on two rabbits, and their remains have mysteriously disappeared. What the pharmaceutical companies don’t make public is how the aluminum adjuvant was never rigorously tested before going on the market.”

— quoted from the documentary called Injecting Aluminum. Watch the documentary.

From Christopher Exley PhD:

“In fact, for almost everything else you can think of, you have to do that, you have to demonstrate that something is safe first. That has never been necessary for aluminum, it has never been demonstrated that aluminum is safe. No, there’s never been any legislation in order to do that, and this is a historical thing.

In fact, the adjuvant does not require clinical approval at all. It is the vaccine preparation which requires clinical approval, so you may put any adjuvant into a vaccine, it will then go through a clinical approval process and if it gets approved with that adjuvant, regardless of what it is, whether it’s an aluminum adjuvant or another, then it’s the vaccine that will be clinically approved, not the adjuvant.”


“Aluminum is incorporated into some vaccines as an adjuvant. The purpose of formulating vaccines with adjuvants is to increase the immune response to the antigen (the component of the vaccine that stimulates the immune system to make antibodies). When FDA evaluates a vaccine for safety and effectiveness, an adjuvant such as aluminum, is considered to be a part of the vaccine, rather than a component that is licensed separately.”

From Dr. Paul Thomas:

Autoimmunity takes time and I think aluminum is probably one of the biggest known triggers of auto immune problems. You know the entire book Vaccines and Auto Immunity by Dr. Shoenfeld? There are just hundreds of studies and he documents quite clearly how this is a real issue. 

This is the misunderstanding that is still being perpetuated by most doctors and the CDC if you go to their website, they tell you aluminum is safe. They’re referring to aluminum that you ingest, in other words, you take it by mouth, it goes through your gut. Our intestinal tract is set up to keep toxins out. So very little of the aluminum that you eat actually enters your body.”–“So that was my first sort of “Aha” and horror about aluminum.”

Aluminum is a neurotoxin. It biopersists and bioaccumulates. Injecting aluminum is harmful to your immune system. Aluminum compounds are used as adjuvants in vaccines to hyper stimulate the immune system by design. But it is systemic and indiscriminate, which means it can trigger responses to other proteins not originally intended. It can trigger attacks to self-proteins leading to autoimmunity. It can cause inflammation that may or may not shut off. This can happen anywhere in the body, including the brain. When injected, macrophages eat it and carry it to other parts of the body; it can cross the blood brain barrier and cause brain inflammation. Injected aluminum bioaccumulates in the body (ie: brain, glands, tissues, lymph, bone and fat). You may not see the damage immediately so you won’t know until later. How much is too much for your child? Everyone has a different body burden and tipping point. When you reach that point, symptoms will appear. Do you know what yours is? If you have MTHFR mutations, your ability to detox toxins is decreased. Note: Injecting is not the same as ingesting. Injected aluminum is absorbed nearly 100% compared to about .04% absorbed if ingested. Don’t forget when you combine aluminum with other toxins, it becomes more toxic. That’s called synergistic toxicity. The safety of CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule was never affirmed in clinical trails.

Research the problems with injecting aluminum and synergistic toxicity. Find out what these doctors/scientists say:
Christopher Exley PhD
Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld
Dr. Romain Gherardi
Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Christopher A. Shaw, PhD
Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD
Boyd Haley, PhD
Stephanie Seneff, PhD
Lluís Luján, PhD
Ashley Everly, toxicologist

Watch: Injecting Aluminum; The Age of Aluminum; Vaccines Revealed; The Truth About Vaccines; Highwire with Del Bigtree; all vidoes by Dr Humphries
Website: Vaccine Papers
Look up this study by Lluís Luján (Granulomas Following Subcutaneous Injection With Aluminum Adjuvant-Containing Products in Sheep)

Contamination issues. Look up…
Dr. Theresa Deisher; Dr. Judy Mikovits (book: Plague); Dr. Stefano Montanari; Dr. Antonietta Gatti; Janine Roberts (Book: Fear of the Invisible)