The Science Is Unsettling

Throughout history, humans have demonstrated an unmatched curiosity and desire for innovation that was often built on mistakes. It’s a natural progression, but it can have disastrous effects. It is good to not forget the mistakes, as well as not lose sight of a human’s place in the larger context of life.

These posts are all based on true stories and real events. No names, places or locations have been changed. This is where medical science is not only not settled, but rather unsettling. Because sometimes, only in retrospect, can we see that: We Are Science Experiments.

The Swine Flu Vaccine Fiasco

Back in 1976, Mark Waldvogel was a healthy, athletic high school senior in Kailua, Hawaii. He followed the advice of then-President Ford and Federal

Injecting Poisons: A History of the Syringe

For centuries now, humans have been at war with microbes–despite having an incomplete understanding of the human body, and how microbes fit into the

Our Bodies Are Home To Trillions of Microbes

So with all this hand washing, sanitizing and mask wearing, it serves as a good reminder to remember that our bodies are home to

Masks Failed To Prevent the 1918 Spanish Flu

With all the debate surrounding whether or not to mask up–what can we glean from lessons of the past? Did masks prevent the spread

Epidemics Caused By Human Error

Ahhh history. So many stories to tell. And they’re not all good stories, but truth and objectivity are important if we want to learn

DTP Vaccine Kills More Children than it Saves

Christine Stabell Benn discusses how the DTP vaccine is associated with a 5-fold increase in mortality in children. All non-live vaccines are associated with increased

Chronic Illness Is the Real Pandemic

My sister lays in a hospital bed, legs outstretched and filled with so much fluid they pit when you press on them. The pressure

Are There Two Different Strains of Covid-19?

Shared from Melissa Floyd. Check out Listen to her podcast with Dr. Bob Sears. There is a rumor that has been circulating over

What You Need To Know About Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

In the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, a cure or therapy for Covid-19 pneumonia infections has been proposed in the form of either chloroquine

The Stinky History of the Toilet Paper

We may think of it as vital now, but not too long ago, humans survived every single day without toilet paper. In the 14th

Fresh Air Lessons from the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

Remember to get fresh air daily. Back in 1918 when the Spanish Flu was spreading across the globe, many doctors knew that fresh air

Around the World Infants are Dying From Vaccination

There is a pandemic that no one is talking about. It’s not Covid-19, the Coronavirus. Nope, this pandemic is right under our noses. This

SIDS Is An Umbrella Term (Hiding Vaccine Deaths)

Accidental suffocation cases started increasing in the 1940s. Pathologists refuted that cause and found inflammation, evidence of infection (infectious etiology ie. Inflammation). Diagnoses were

Mortality Decreased Before Vaccines

I know there are many people under the belief that if we stopped vaccinating, or even just selectively vaccinated, that all these infectious diseases

The Truth About the Aluminum In Your Vaccines

When you ingest aluminum, your body will absorb less than 1 percent of it. However, when aluminum is injected into muscle, for example, in

The Science Is Unsettling: John Snow

In 1854, a cholera outbreak erupted in the Soho area of London. At the time, it was believed that cholera was spread by ‘miasma’

The Science is Unsettling: Anaphylaxis

Literally meaning “without protection”, anaphylaxis was coined by Charles Richet in 1902, who later won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Richet and professor Paul

DTaP Vaccine: A Geeky Overview

The DTaP is a vaccine that contains toxoids and some antigens adsorbed onto aluminum adjuvants to stimulate antibodies against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. The

The Science is Unsettling: What About Polio?

Polio is a viral illness that in 95% of cases is completely asymptomatic, meaning it produces no symptoms. In 1% of cases the virus

The Biggest Cover-up Of All Time

Not every person who gets a vaccine will experience a recognizable vaccine injury, but that doesn’t mean vaccine injuries are rare, or don’t happen.

Science Isn’t Immune to Mistakes

Let’s talk about Public Safety shall we? Is the government doing its job to make sure our food and drugs are truly safe in

Tetanus Didn’t Leave Us, We Left Tetanus

I’m not an epidemiologist. But if I was, I would look at every part of the picture and see how everything connects. Like, why

The Science Is Unsettling: Radiation Therapy for ‘Enlarged Thymus’

In 1848, fifteen-year-old Hannah Greener of Newcastle, United Kingdom died minutes after being administered chloroform anesthetic for the removal of a toenail. As increasing

The Science Is Unsettling: Walter Freeman and the Ice Pick Lobotomy

From the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, over 50,000 lobotomies were performed in the United States. Walter Freeman performed over 3,400 lobotomies himself. Dr. Freeman

Vaccine Safety Studies: Where Are The Unvaccinated?

The gold standard in safety studies is the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (RDBPCS). This is the kind of study they do in clinical trials.

12 Reasons Vaccines Are Dangerous

“It is inadvertently affirmed in the Christian countries of Europe that the English are fools and madmen. Fools, because they give their children the