Vaccine Injury Stories

Hannah’s Story

Hannah was a medically fragile child who was given several vaccines 16 days post open heart surgery. After her surgery she was getting stronger and stronger. But after she received several vaccines at the pediatricians office, her health immediately declined. Her parents brought her back to the hospital, she was eventually life-flighted to another hospital, where she vomited blood, experienced seizures which she had never had prior, went into a coma and ultimately died November 25, 2015.

Her mother shares with me the night before she got those vaccines she had just finished her blood thinners.

Shared from her mother, Tasha DeBlaker:

“She was “medically fragile” at the time because she was 16 days post open heart surgery. 11/5/15

The day she got her vaccines, she was “remarkable” in the Pediatricians eyes. He was overwhelmed with how great she was doing since he last saw her that he said……

“It would be terrible if she got Pneumonia”… And I agreed.

Then he said….
“Oh. It would be really really bad if she caught whooping cough.”

I legit asked “what’s whooping cough?” He explained it would be awful for her lungs.

Her heart and lungs were both in repair mode from Surgery.
So, I figured he was right and I agreed to the shots.

They threw an extra one that was not even discussed on her. I don’t know how I didn’t see that when I initialed the line. But it was an HiB vaccine. (I learned this post mortem because I got my hands on all her medical records.)

So…Weak child + 3 in 1 (dtap) + pneumonia + a flu thingy.
I trusted them with my child.

This specific Pediatrician that convinced me to do the vaccines was an old, old man. He was the one that came to her rescue and diagnosed her heart failure before it was too late. He was the one to actually listen to me and trust my “Google” certification when he asked where I went to Med School because I wanted to hear HIS Stethoscope. Since so many others had missed it. Literally not 1 minute before a Nurse said that she didn’t hear anything wrong.

His sounded like my Daughter’s heart was a washing machine about to shake off the wall.

I had taken my daughter in and out of that office for 13 months looking for answers as to why she was always sick from 4 months onward!!!!

It wasn’t their fault that the OB/GYN missed this heart condition in her 20 week scan!

It wasn’t their fault that the Nurse at birth refused to listen to me that my daughter had an “extra” breath.

It wasn’t their fault that they got a patient, at 1 week old she started going there, with a heart condition, that was misdiagnosed multiple times already.

So, I don’t really blame anyone for this except myself. I should have requested 2nd opinions in the early stages but they kept assuring me it was Bronchiolitis or maybe she was going to have Asthma.

I trusted my Doctors 100% of the way and THEY FUCKED UP. It happens, I guess.

Let me share some pictures of her from her sweet, brief, 15 month life.”

And this.. is her Last Photo.

This is after Infectious Disease doctors trying to locate a strain causing this. (No luck.)
This is after the Geneticist assuring me her genetics could NOT have caused this.
This is after the Neurologist telling me there is still “activity” but they can’t say how much.

This is before the Doctor who signed her Death certificate took us into a room and told us the explanation they came up with for her demise.. .

“Her heart couldn’t take it.”
But he couldn’t tell me what “it” was.
I got a shrug of the shoulders. And a very, sad, apologetic look.