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Amina-Fayé’s Story

Shared from her mother Naomi Johnson.

“On Thursday morning at 11:40am my daughter Amina-Fayé got her first immunisations at 8 weeks. which were:
– Hexa Infanrix (DTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB)
– Pneumococcal vaccine (PVC)
– Meningitis B (Bexsero)
– Rota vaccine (Rotarix) via the mouth.

It’s killing me to say this but she sadly passed away at 10:16am yesterday morning💔 Everyone I know is saying it must’ve been that which correlates with her death, because she was such a healthy baby from birth.

She may have had a serious allergic reaction or something but, I am warning all you parents or even if you haven’t got kids & know ppl who do PLEASE double check what these contain and spread this awareness! After my son had his years ago he was fine (He had them months apart) but now I’m not keen on them after this tragic event.

They keep on changing what’s in them which the nurse admitted herself and giving children more at once. We have to wait for post mortem results but, I have no doubt it’s in my gut for some reason. If you do not feel 100% about your children getting them go with what you want. They can never force you.

Sweet dreams Mina, we’ll always love you darling!👼🏽💜

2/25/2019 – 4/26/2019

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