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This isn’t about pro vs. anti-vaccine, because nothing is ever just black and white. 

This isn’t about fake exemptions, because no matter how many cases have been investigated, they still have found zero.

This isn’t about unscrupulous doctors, because most won’t even consider writing Medical Exemptions, and THAT is unscrupulous.

This isn’t about herd immunity, because vaccine coverage is between 95%-98%, well above what is needed to maintain community immunity.

THIS is about the dissolution of the doctor-patient relationship by bureaucratic interference.

This is about removing medical decisions from a licensed physician and giving that power to a CDPH officer, who will never meet or examine your child.

This is about unscientifically and unethically changing the criteria of who qualifies for a legitimate Medical Exemption–which itself is an extreme departure from previous Bill SB 277.

This is about not being willing to release the complete and private medical history to be kept in a database by the State.

This is about the inevitable harm and injury that will result from this unprecedented restriction of access to Medical Exemptions–for absolute no benefit to society.

Please VOTE NO on SB 276