Vaccine Injury Stories

Sudden Infant Death 8 Hours After Vaccination: Karisi’s Story

“Last fall, September 26th, 2018, Karisi Christina Gower was a 2 month old, healthy, gorgeous, baby. She went in for her check-up and received 5 vaccinations, and in 8 hours, they took her life. No fever, no convulsions, she just stopped breathing, in 8 HOURS!

The doctors refused to make ANY correlation, shocking! 😑 It has been 8 months and autopsy findings show an “unknown” cause, but autopsy is not fully finished yet. She was told right away that there are no tests available to link vaccinations to death – THIS IS A LIE and there are tests outside of any county medical examiner’s office as long as tissues and blood are saved. Be aware of that!!

The family just celebrated Karisi’s 1st birthday yesterday which had to be incredibly hard. Please pray for this mother, Elyssa Manford, and her family. I am so glad you’ve decided to make this known on a larger scale, people need to know your beautiful little girl and hear you speak for her!! God bless you.

Karisi Christina Gower – 7/22/18 – 9/26/18 – RIP baby girl. ❤️