Vaccine Injury Stories

Seizures and Blue Lips After Vaccines: Malachi’s Story

Shared from his father, Matt Konway.

“This is my son Malachi. Both photos I’ve not shared before and were taken for his grandparents shortly after arriving at the hospital after his first and second seizures. No his lips aren’t blue from a popsicle or candy, his lips are blue from his 180 pound father giving his 15 pound lifeless body mouth to mouth and chest compressions for what seemed like hours until EMTs arrived where I ran to an ambulance to get him on oxygen to save his life.

I don’t say that for pity, for attention, or for a pat on the back…I say it for what’s the cold hard real truth and facts behind the effects vaccines CAN have and hopefully something you’ll think about the next time you go to repost, share, or make jokes about those “crazy anti-vaxxers”.

See these seizures just “coincidentally” happened after getting those 6 month cocktail shots that cover [pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, haemophilus influenzae, pneumococcal, rotavirus, hep b]. Then again during his next set of boosters weeks later after being told the same shit you read with the caption “studies show”… Those studies that if you REALLY REALLY traced the money the who and whats are all funded by the same pharmaceutical companies that sell the shit being injected into our kids. Those same companies that tweaked properties of the medicines that were made for everyone now made to be patent and sold for big profits. How’s the low cost diabetes meds working out? I’m not telling you to not get your kids vaccinated. I’m not telling you to not have an opinion. But I’m asking that you stop posting shit you don’t have experience in dealing with.

After his second seizure I sat balling my eyes out next to a TEAM of neuroscientists at the University of Michigan that told me “I’m sorry sometimes there’s children that have adverse reactions to those shots”. I sat for months learning sign language after being told “It’s very likely your son will never be able to talk” after the damage the medicine they gave him to stop those very seizures openly told by doctors was the case.

I pray those of you blessed enough to have kids will never have to live through it. I pray your kids grow up healthy and happy. I pray you never have to give your tiny child chest compressions praying to God that he doesn’t take your baby away.

And most of all I pray that when jurisdiction comes down with a vote to make this shit mandatory you think about kids like Malachi. That you’re smart enough to know 1 size does not fit all. If I can’t bring peanut butter to school for the safety of your child, why should mine be forced to go through this for yours?

I’m not asking for special treatment but I’m asking for the freedom to both be at peace with what I know happened and peace that when and if I decide to have another child that it will still be a CHOICE to decide how I want to handle his or her health for it’s own safety. The very right our government is stealing away under the guise of safety while allowing parents to decide sexual orientation of children under 10 years old.

But #Freedom am I right?

Shouldn’t we have preliminary testing to make sure my son or your child doesn’t have gene markers that conflict with the meds they’re giving out to any and everyone? Should there be gag orders against families like mine not allowed to bring to light issues like this? Shouldn’t there be more done then slaps on the wrist and a little fee for lives lost for jumping the gun to go to market with these meds?

Your son or daughter got lucky because he/she didn’t have these “adverse reactions”…but what if they did?”