Vaccine Injury Stories

Remy’s Story: Sudden Death the Same Night of his 2-Month Shots

Shared from his mother, SaVanna Starkey.

Remington “Remy” Dale Starkey was born on June 7th, 2019 to SaVanna and John Starkey Jr. The youngest of 8 children, Remy was a perfectly healthy, beautiful, exclusively breastfed baby boy.

Remy turned exactly 2 months old on the August 7th. He had his 2-month well child-checkup on the 8th, where Remy received a total of 8 vaccinations. SaVanna last saw him breathing at 12:35 AM. That morning, August 9th, at 7:04 AM, she went in to his room, and immediately knew something was wrong.

She found Remy cold and stiff, with a dried blood bubble coming from his nose. The events that happened next are tragic, as she tried to bring him back to life, but Remy had gone to Heaven already. The detective in the investigation have already told the Starkeys to prepare for “SIDS” to be determined as the final cause of death.

After speaking with SaVanna, and relating to her tragedy, she has come to the conclusion that healthy babies don’t just die, and she wants answers. The Starkeys are meeting with a great lawyer and will be pursuing an independent pathologic study done on tissues kept by the medical examiner’s office. Of course, this is not cheap and the Starkeys need our help. Please consider any size donation to help this #military family on their search of answers as to why their healthy 2-month-old baby boy suddenly passed away after being told he was completely healthy.

#rememberremy 6/7/19 – 8/9/19 💔❤️😇