Vaccine Injury Stories

Daniel’s Story

Shared from his mother, Marijo De Guzman.

This is my son Jonathan Daniel Ramirez Porter, who a month before just turned 6 yrs old. He had his kindergarten vaccines plus a flu shot. This was him 10-24-2016 [picture below]. He passed away shortly after this pic 10-30-2016. Due to what the doctors called it encephalitis. This photo is so hard to look at, I don’t see my son😔💔.

My son was a happy go lucky kid who loved his friends his family, he loved to play with his cousins, and he loved to play video games. He loved to pretend monsters were after his mom and daddy and he would get his Ninja turtle nunchucks and kill the monster lol.

He loved to walk with me to the soda store, and we would sing “twinkle twinkle Little Star, and play eye spy.” He loved to argue and get his way, but then after apologize for making mommy and daddy upset.

He loved to sneak in bed with mommy and daddy in the middle of the night. And he loved to snuggle up with mommy and daddy while watching movies. That was my boy.

At first I didn’t want anyone to see my son like this, I only wanted people to see how he was how I remember him as. But in order to save other, pics like this needs to be shown. Please please share this in hopes that my sons passing can help save another child’s life.