Vaccine Injury Stories

Baby Brooks Weighed Only 8 Pounds and Died 4 Days after Vaccines

Shared from his mother, Kristin Harrison.

This beautiful little boy, Brooks Ryker State, was born September 3rd, 2019. Brooks was 42 days old and weighed just 8 lbs. 4 oz. when doctors thought it’d be a good idea to give him his full set of 2 month shots on October 15th.

Four hours post shots Brooks had visible swelling in his face. On October 19th, Brooks tragically and unexpectedly passed away at his home. 

Autopsy has showed obvious swelling of the brain and heart. The family has retained a VICP lawyer and are obtaining a secondary study of Brooks’ tissues. They are fighting for the truth to be known. Inoculations took Brooks’ sweet life. 😔

Please hold this family in your prayers and show them positive support. 🙏

Rest in Peace, Brooks Ryker State. 👼 Your name and memory will be known, and you are so loved.