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Weston’s Story


[dropcap]I[/dropcap] will never stop sharing Weston’s story. I think we forget that *most* parents who say no to vaccinations, once very strongly said yes to vaccinations.

The two pictures on the left is Weston just 2 days before his reaction to vaccines. Happy, normal. Two days later I thought I was going to lose my son.

No one could tell me what was wrong with him. Urine test after blood test after spinal tap… it all came back normal. NO ONE could tell me what was wrong with my 1 year old little man.

Doctors like to say that reactions to vaccines are ‘rare.’ But vaccine court has paid out to 3.7 billion dollars to families of children who have lost cognitive skills, or worse, their life, because of vaccines.

Today my little boy is in four therapies to include speech, food, occupational and physical.
Before this incident my son took a pacifier, after this day he no longer did. I have been told he has sensory processing disorder. My son is almost 3 and while we work every single day to get him to accept more solid foods, his main source of nutrition is baby food because of his sensory processing disorder. His speech is severely delayed at almost 3 he says maybe 10 words that you would recognize and about 20 that I can recognize.

Thanks to his wonderful therapists he gets better every single day… but my son showed no signs of any of these things before this day.

This isn’t a debate, and I will not debate with you.

And if you want to ask me if I am worried about chickenpox or measles the answer is no. I would much rather my child have a rash for a few days then this life long battle.

I see pro vaxxers saying ‘do your research, don’t listen to anti vaxxers.’ And YES! Do your research!! But most of us have our own personal stories and experiences that started our search for the truth.