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Landen’s Story

Shared with permission from Landen’s mother.

My son Landen Steffen was born in a hospital in January 2009. He was born a healthy 8 lbs. boy through normal birth (no C-section).

We started allowing him to be vaccinated with the Vitamin K and Hepatitis B shots within 12 hours after delivery.

Even though our son developed several colds and earaches during his first year of life, he still was achieving every milestone perfectly and was right on target with his Speech, Motor, and Cognitive Skills.

My husband and I took Landen in for his 12-month vaccinations at 15-months.

He received 5 viruses at this visit, 4 of which were live viruses; MMR, Varicella, Influenza.

He went to sleep and when he awoke the next day, he began SCREAMING and going into ANGER RAGES. The rages were in-and-out throughout the day.

Next, he began balancing his gut on the arm of our couch or would lay on his back on the floor and tighten every muscle in his body in a solid-locked position with his legs in the air – he would do this for long periods of time.

By 18 months, my son no longer knew who we were or who his 2 older sisters were.

He lost all his vocabulary which was approximately 10-15 words and all eye contact.

When I took him back to our pediatrician and explained to her what was changing, she only focused on his speech. Knowing he was previously developing and functioning normally, she referred us to Vanderbilt Hospital in TN to get his speech checked.

At this visit, she vaccinated my son with his 2-year vaccinations.

The waitlist at the hospital was 9 months to 1 year. During this wait he:

  • Broke-out in eczema
  • Began to drop and meltdown in public settings
  • Started tip-toeing
  • Arm flapping
  • Absolutely no eye contact
  • Diaper digging and eating his own feces
  • Smearing his feces on the walls
  • Began eating his bedroom furniture (wood bedframe, wood dresser, window seal, bed mattress, etc.)
  • Would elope if we let go of his hand outdoors
  • Did not know what danger was
  • Developed pica
  • Peeled large portions of paint off his bedroom walls
  • Ate the sheetrock
  • Attacked us
  • Bit us
  • Scratched us
  • Pulled his sister’s hair

We thought he might have somehow lost his hearing since he was unresponsive to his name or sudden loud sounds, however, his hearing scored normal when tested.

When we got into a psychologist after 9 months, he was diagnosed with AUTISM!

The psychologist had NO answers as to how Landen developed Autism, except the assumption that these children are born with it and it appears around the age of 2-years-old.

All that was given to me for help, was a piece of paper with a list of therapist’s names to take my son to for BEHAVIORAL HELP – NOT MEDICAL HELP.

Landen will be 10-years-old on January 22nd. He is still non-verbal, in diapers, an eloper, occasionally has meltdowns due to frustration, cannot dress, feed, or bath himself.

I am my son’s full-time caretaker, and stay home to assist to his needs. I run him to two different learning center’s 5 days a week, to help him with learning Life Skills – the things a 2-year-old is learning.

Vaccinations CAUSED my son to regress into severe Autism.

Do you still think all vaccines are safe and effective?

Do you still parrot that “autism is a gift from God”?

By repeating those two statements, you too are playing a part of this evil agenda that is wiping out our generation!