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It All Started With A Vaccine

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here came a time when I knew that I needed to do something with all that I’ve been through, because there is no way it has all been for nothing! As I look back over the last 18 years or so of my life and think about all that it has brought … ups and downs, joys and heartaches, lessons learned, things overcome and many victories … I realize that I’m not the only one who has dealt with, struggled with and persevered through things that have changed life in ways that could never have been imagined. That’s when it hit me – it all started with a vaccine.

May 1999. I took my daughter into the doctor’s office for the obligatory pre-K vaccinations. I was a good mom who knew the dates of all of the vaccine schedules, and I made sure that my children were always right on schedule. Period.

Not more than thirty minutes after that visit, upon arriving home, my daughter was sitting in her room in front of her vanity mirror brushing her hair like a little princess. That’s when I first saw it …. Her arms up in the air brushing her hair, and then no brushing … just her little arms stuck in the position with no movement … as if she froze in time. Weird, I thought, as her back was to me. I got her ready for bed.

The next day we were in the kitchen baking. She was on her chair at the counter, like always, stirring away at the batter as she loved to do when we made cookies. Then it happened again… catatonic in her movement, frozen in time…. Weird. These two moments in my life will remain firm in my mind forever.

Later these ‘staring spells’ as I called them manifested with her spinning in circles unaware, humming while dazing off with blank stares, stopping mid sentence when speaking only to come out of it shaking her head and saying ”sorry” as she tried to remember what she had been talking about before being ‘interrupted’ in her mind. That’s when we realized that it might be some kind of seizure.

Seizure? What in the world? Aren’t seizures violent? Once the realization hit I panicked and made an emergency appointment with our pediatrician. I was in a daze, wondering what this meant.

By the time we had our appointment, I had been able to take some video of her having her ‘spells’ to show the doctor what we were talking about, as there was no rhyme or reason to when another one would occur. The pediatrician seemed indifferent.  After watching the video and listening to my recounting of the days leading up to the appointment, she confirmed that yes, these were seizures. They are classified as petite-mal or absence seizures.  She recommended that we have an EEG done to confirm, and then see a pediatric neurologist (the only one in my town).

That’s where it became very real. We had no idea what we were dealing with, nor the journey we had just been plunged into. Preparation for the EEG is very difficult – you have to keep your child awake till midnight, let them sleep no more than 4 hours, then wake them and keep them awake until the appointment (we drove to the hospital for the EEG with all the windows in the car down for the cool morning air to keep her ‘invigorated’ as well as her favorite music blasting while we sang at the top of our lungs to keep her awake for the 40 minute ride to the hospital). They hooked her up with over 100 electrodes all over her head, and then proceeded with the test over the next 2 hours.

Yes, she was experiencing absence seizures, at the amount of hundreds per day. Back to the doctors to tell you that the vaccines had nothing to do with it, and here’s some seizure medication. Be sure to check her kidney’s every three months to make sure they are functioning okay, as the seizure meds can do damage to them. What? You still think the seizures started right after the vaccinations? But they don’t cause seizures? Fine, you can report the vaccine injury to the National Vaccine Information Center if you are so inclined to keep pushing that idea. Have a nice day….

As I left the hospital with my daughter in her car seat safely secured in the back seat, I immediately called a Naturopath in my area who saw my daughter that next hour. She stressed the importance of trying to rid her body ASAP of all heavy metals associated with vaccines before any more damage was done. Heavy metals? What was she talking about?  And so our journey began. I plunged myself into finding out how to help heal my daughter.

We pursued mainstream medicine avenues at first. Anti-seizure meds only exacerbated her problems and brought on a host of others, and they had no other options for us than that.  They had not proven to help us in any way – if anything, all their suggestions made things worse. I just knew there had to be another way. The amazing part of my daughters healing journey is that it has been somewhat like an onion. We have peeled away issue by issue and sought to rectify each aspect of her health. Over the years following the initial vaccine injury, the toxic build up and damage caused by the vaccines triggered more issues as time when on. She was suffering with everything from the initial petite mal seizures that grew into monthly grand mal seizures, to migraines, thyroid issues, hormone imbalance, leaky gut, heavy metal toxin overload, and an inability to absorb nutrition. It affected her schooling, her sleep, her energy levels, her friendships, her life.

Here I am, 18 years later, realizing how much vaccines have affected my daughter’s life, my life and the life of my entire family. Even though we’ve lived with the damage as a daily reality for all of these years, it’s not until I really stop to think about the journey that I understand the toll it has taken on all of us. Albeit, we would not have not learned many of the things we have had our circumstances been different, this experience has definitely changed the course of all of our lives. We have been blessed in many ways because of it. All is not lost!

I have researched about vaccines, what they contain, their effects, consequences, damage, and the amazing ability that our bodies have to heal through natural means. As we are coming out the other side to near complete healing on my daughter’s part, I have realized that it is finally time to put the puzzle pieces together in the hopes of enlightening others. All that we’ve been through should not be wasted by remaining silent about what we’ve experienced and learned. I know that if giving out what I’ve learned can inspire one person research, ask questions, make a different choice, reverse health problems or be able to ‘undo’ any already done vaccine, food or lifestyle damage, then my time and energy is worth it and my purpose in life becomes even more clear.

Sometimes they aren’t easy decisions to make … is the disease more dangerous or the vaccine? Is it worth it to change my diet to regain my health? Please inform yourself so that you can make decisions for you and your family that you are confident about!

This entire journey has led me to be a master researcher and an expert through experience. Everything that I talk about on my website/blog at may seem all over the map to some, however it all comes directly from my own trials, tribulations, and proof in my life as I’ve learned about how food and other things that we think are benign can hurt. For my experience, it eventually has all tied together and pointed back to that one day in 1999 that triggered a new perspective on everything. Even more-so, I have discovered how real food can be our healer and our medicine. That we are not doomed to a life of sickness because it is who we are. We are created with an amazing ability to heal, and have been provided with everything that we need to do just that! Being armed with the truth about a whole host of things has solved a lot of problems and dispelled many fears for me. I pray that my experiences and research will benefit all who care to check things out for themselves. I have chosen to live with hope. I pray you will too!


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