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Baby Autumn Makenzy

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am a married mother of six. My second child a baby girl was born on November 6, 2000 and died on January 17, 2001. When I write those dates it seems so long ago, yet it feels like yesterday.

Her name is Autumn Makenzy, she had just went to get her 2 month old shots. She was taking her nap and never woke back up at 2 months and 12 days old. She was my biggest of all my babies weighing in at 8lbs and 4 ounces. She is our perfect guardian angel now.

It took many years before I could even say her name without crying, thankfully I’m in a place now that I love to say her name and talk about her. All of her siblings after her know very well of her too and have asked why they can’t have her, that they wish they could play with her.

Her autopsy came back that she was perfectly healthy and labeled this “SIDS.” My baby didn’t die of “SIDS” my baby died from the five vaccines that gave her seven days before she died. I was so out of it when this happened I didn’t realize you could pay for a private autopsy which to this day I wish I would have…..