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VIDEO: Normal Immune Function and Vaccination Interference

Dr. Thomas Cowen, MD delivers a simple yet profound explanation of the human immune system, actually two arms of the immune system: the cell mediated response and the humoral response.

Sore throat? Check. Fever? Check. Runny nose? Check. Getting better? Check. That’s the immune system doing it’s job. Those aren’t the problems.

Cowen goes on to discuss many important points:

  • Suppressing symptoms of infection prevent the body’s immune system from properly functioning.
  • Viral infections in cancer patients can result in spontaneous remission of cancer.
  • How viral infections stimulate Tumor Necrosis Factor, which kills tumors and cancer.
  • Vaccines containing adjuvants allow the conditions for auto immunity.
  • Vaccines made with cartilage and animal bones elicit the human body to make antibodies to rheumatoid factor.

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