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The Vaccine Safety Problem

Then imagine that you were forced to use this car seat.

And imagine there was no incentive to come out with new models or safer versions.

There was no competition, or alternatives.

That it takes decades of injury reports to see any kind of change.

And imagine that there were no real safety studies and no real post-marketing surveillance.

That most of the studies that would be seen as legitimate were funded by the car seat maker or the government that enforces it.

That the only objective post-marketing surveillance relied on voluntary submissions.

And that no one would take this database seriously, and they would say parents made up reports.

Imagine if your child was injured by this car seat, that you couldn’t sue the manufacturer.

And that your own government set up a no-fault court that was funded by your money.

But that if your child died from this product, that your child’s life was only worth $250,000.

That even if you got a settlement, people would ridicule you, and treat you like YOU were WRONG.

I think I’ll walk.