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Update on the Fight Against CA’s SB 277

After several lawsuits were thrown out of court and a San Diego judge denied an injunction on the controversial law, there is one group, A Voice of Choice, that is actively fighting and lobbying against SB 277, the controversial mandatory vaccine bill authored by California Senator Dr. Richard Pan, and hopes to see their day in court sometime this year.

Pan introduced SB 277 in 2015, which legally requires all California children who wish to attend public or private school, as well as children in daycare and preschool, to receive mandatory vaccinations, by removing personal belief exemptions. The bill passed 46-to-31 in the state Assembly and was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. The law went into effect in July of 2016.

A Voice for Choice released the following update:

“In the next 12 months, we will see our lawsuit, Love vs State of CA (where love always wins in the end!) go through the court process. We have an amazing top litigator, who is supported behind the scenes by one of the top constitutional lawyers in California. Our lawsuit against SB277 is the only lawsuit based only on three constitutional tenets that have been upheld by the Supreme Court – the right to deny medical treatment (bodily autonomy) upheld by the US Supreme Court, the right to raise a child as one sees fit upheld by the US Supreme Court, and the right to a free and public education upheld by the CA Supreme Court. We specifically went with this case because it does not matter what the judge’s opinions on vaccines are, she should rule it unconstitutional, because it is. The brief is easy to read and you can do so here.  When we win this lawsuit, it will also set precedence to stop other medications being forced as a requirement for school entry and will also stop other vaccine mandates.”

Join A Voice for Choice in lobbying at the Sacramento Capitol on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017.