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Layla’s Story

Shared from her mama, Jula Meeks

“My daughter Layla Brown died at 3 months of age May 29th, 2020.

The pain will never go away. The way I found her on my bed will never go away. There will always be a part of my heart that will still hurt. She was alway happy she will make sure she have a smile on her face and yours she was one special baby girl no health issues at all she was healthy baby well taken care of but…..

I never knew this would happen to me. This was my biggest fear and it still happened to me. I’m going to always ask God why me, why my baby girl? I know we don’t suppose to but this one will always have me asking him…

I need more answers. YES THE SHOTS SHE TOOK KILLED MY BABY GIRL. They just not gone tell me that they don’t know why she passed away there have to be a reason my baby gone it just crazy that she took her shot at 2 months shot on April 20th. She slept all day I had to wake up few times then the next day that’s when she started yelling like somebody was hurting her.

She was having diarrhea a lot, it never stopped, then a week before she passed the screaming was getting louder. She didn’t want her bottle, she always wanted some fit to hold her then her poop was turning red, her stomach was hurting her, then the day of she wouldn’t stop screaming for nothing at 10:20 pm when I put her to sleep she was fine then I checked on her at 3:00am she was fine, at 5:30am I checked on her again she laying there COLD.

I screamed my mom came running in there got her, rush her to the hospital. I was only 2 minutes away from the hospital they grabbed her from us started working on her then 30mins later the doctor and nurses came and told me she didn’t make it.

She was already gone before we got her to the hospital my baby girl is she gone.

Something just not added up these doctors killed my baby

And please don’t tell me these shots didn’t do it because a yes tf they did do your research on these vaccines shots they giving different baby different shot I thought these doctors was here to protect our kids. NO THEY OUT HERE TO KILL THEM, just like they out here to kill us my baby girl didn’t deserve this I didn’t either my family either we all taking it so rough right now my heart is so heavy.

Every night I got to come home every night where my baby had her last breathe on my bed y’all don’t know how tough that is for me where I lay my head at my pain is so different I don’t wish this on anybody now I know what it feels like loosing your child. It’s hard definitely buried them knowing they not coming back.


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