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Jaxon’s Story

Shared by his mama, Heather LaBrec.

Jaxon Joseph LaBrec was born about six weeks early on July 31, 2015 (his due date was September 6). Weighing 4 lb. 3 oz. at birth, and over a month early, baby Jaxon was given the hep b vaccine shortly after birth.

At discharge, he was just 3 lb. 12 oz., but he was doing so good he was able to discharge at 48 hours.

Jaxon’s pediatrician told mom that because he was a preemie, it was very important to vaccinate. Like so many mothers, she didn’t question her pediatrician.

This wasn’t her first baby, and she vaccinated her previous children on schedule.

So even though he was only 7 weeks old (9 days adjusted) and still very tiny, Jaxon went to the doctors for a “well-visit” on September 15, 2015, and was given multiple vaccines: dtap, hib, rotavirus, and pneumococcal.

Just two days later, his parents became concerned and took Jaxon to the ER.

But the ER was not concerned and sent him back home:

He was diagnosed with ‘common cold’ he was extremely raspy and they sent us home with saline for his nose and said he was fine. He was super sick.

Then suddenly, on Monday, Sept. 21, 2015, baby Jaxon was found lifeless. 

We didn’t get much time with him and the coroner called us after the autopsy which took 12 weeks to get back and said he was sorry that it was “undetermined”. They lied on their reports.

They even said he had no well visits at all. along with denying he was in the hospital days before he died when we have picture proof and records.

Nobody told me about vaccine court until 2018, I didn’t have the means to pursue that. I was told it was past the time frame. Nobody told me anything regarding dangers of vaccines. The doctor said, vaccines are for the greater good and injury was extremely rare but keep vaccinating my other children because it’s dangerous not to. I began researching at that point.

There is a lot of mistakes in their reports. But nothing we could do about it. We had no idea at the time.

Neither the vaccines, nor the subsequent ER visit would ever make it into his autopsy report.

Prior to the vaccines he was so happy and alert. Always looking around.

Even the autopsy report had glaring mistakes. I noticed in two seconds that it said Jaxon was 7 months old, even though he was 7 weeks old.

It should have said 7 weeks and they spelt his name wrong. Even the cremation place spelled his name wrong.

Even if he would have been full term and had them, my youngest 3 with my husband have mthfr markers & it should have never happened. My daughter after him, Cordelia, we were coerced into doing Hep b and other shots she was born at 35 weeks, we had her in 2016, she has tics still.

She almost died and was hospitalized and med flighted to the children’s hospital 2 days after her 2 month shots. It was December of that year i began researching. We stopped vaccinating her altogether after that incident.

It would be many years before anyone would mention vaccine court (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program). There is a two year statute of limitations for deaths from vaccination.

When doctors fail to inform parents of the possible risks of vaccination; fail to inform that should death occur, that parents or medical staff should fill out a VAERS report (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System); and that in the event of a death or injury they may be able to pursue a claim through the VICP (but this has a short window to do so): we have a major glitch in the system.

These parents have been robbed of the most precious gift in the world, and they are abandoned the minute that syringe’s contents are expelled. We must do more for these families. We must stop this from happening.

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