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#crazymothers Video is So Good

Vaccine injury, maternal experience and spoken word rolled into one awesome video by Hillary Simpson:

“Growing up, I have always held the belief that, “You go big or go home,” and unfortunately I have carried that with me into adulthood.
With #crazymothers, I went big. I rented a stage and film equipment, gathered a team and prepared to show a piece of my life to everyone.
What I should have done, was gone home…and filmed it there. In my messy, full-of-children house. Because that is where this story, that I am sharing with you today, took place.
Our home.
When I realized this film was not turning out how I’d envisioned (due to a multitude of reasons,) I couldn’t shake the thought of me trying to reshoot it in the kitchen….the heart of any home.
So one day, I did just that. I plopped my phone down, put a show on for the kids and recorded a take. I’m so very glad that I did.
This was a big lesson learned. 
No matter how much I wanted to make this film work, I had to realize when it was time to walk away.
So what I am presenting you with today is not a film, it is not any type of cinematic art, it’s not even a PSA.
It’s just something I wrote about our lives.
It’s just me.
A mother trying to spread awareness about an issue which ultimately makes her…

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