Circle of Mamas was formed in 2017 after a mandatory vaccination law took effect in California, my home state. The removal of personal exemptions to vaccination is a horrific thought: a child cannot attend school unless they are vaccinated with what the State deems necessary for the child.

It’s astonishing to me that the State can hold ransom a child’s education in exchange for forced vaccination of vaccines that: may not work; may not be necessary; and may cause irreparable damage and harm, even death to that child.

It’s not like there’s no risk to vaccination. It’s not like injecting aluminum is sound and well-researched science: it was grandfathered in for medical use in the 1960s! To this date, we still don’t have any science that demonstrates long term safety in injecting small quantities of aluminum hydroxide or aluminum sulfate as adjuvants added to vaccines. Elementally, aluminum is a neurotoxin. It’s cytotoxic. It kills human cells. And the State wants to inject this into my child, and your child, for the benefit of public health? It’s especially distressing when scientists uncover that the brain content of aluminum is much higher in people with autism and Alzheimer’s disease than healthy controls.

Children today are given vaccines that I never had as a child. When I was young, there were really only three vaccines given to children against 7 diseases, adding up to a total of 14 doses. The ones I had, one of them the DPT, was so bad they don’t give that vaccine in developed nations anymore precisely because it caused such harmful adverse events like encephalopathy, brain damage, and death. This whole-cell version of the pertussis vaccine is still given in developing nations, where it currently kills more children than it saves.

Today, children are vaccinated against 16 diseases, for a total of 69 doses before they turn 18 years old. If a child has hepatitis B they can go to school, but if they don’t have the hepatitis B vaccine–they can’t go to school? How does that make sense?

This is discrimination against the healthy. State sanctioned discrimination and segregation against a group of people who don’t want to poison themselves.

We are a growing body of people who want to keep our bodies safe, who want to help others. It takes a village. Please share the content of this website, or submit your own posts to share.

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